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Do I Need Piercing To Be Scene?

Do I Need Piercing to be Scene?

Being Scene is often associated with getting piercing, although there is loads of Scene Kids who don't have any piercing at all. Is it neccessity? We think not. If you however seriously think of getting piercing, at least consider these few things:

Where are you planning on (self) piercing?
Earlobe? You might be ok. Ear cartilage? Not a good idea. Nose? Even less of a good idea. Lip? Worse idea. Eyebrow? Don't even go there. Nipple? Are you insane? Anything below the waist? Sterilize yourself now to prevent the stupidity from spreading.

1) Why do you want to pierce yourself?

-Did your parents say no to you getting that piercing?
-Are you being pressured by someone to get a certain piercing to 'fit in'?
-Do you think it'll just be a good laugh?
-Is it for some form of self injury?
-Just to piss your parents off?

If it's any of these or reasons similar, don't do it. It might be fun now, but you are doing permanent hole in your body, not to mention all possible complications and infections.

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How To Cut Your Hair Scene?

How to Cut Your Hair Scene?

Scene Hair - it's a piece of art, we have to say! Great, unique and it looks different every time. But how to create it, and most important - keep it? It's a bit time consuming, but with few tricks up your sleeve your hair will look Scene in no time :)

First - for your hair to look Scene, the top layers need to be chopped - you can do it yourself or ask at the hair salon for short choppy hair. You will need to tease them by the roots for the uplifted effect, and spray the teased part with a hairspray. Now the bottom layers will need to be longer, thinner, with colourfull streaks (very optional) and most important - they need to be as straight as your BF. To get this effect you can use the hair straightener (first spray your hair with heat-defence spray) and put some wax on the ends. Second option is to clip some hair extensions in, it gives you great choice of styles / colours / looks. I personally opt for the first option, as hair extensions can easily weaken your hair - so can't recommend it myself. But it's a great and fast fix for night out or special occassion.

Now you can put some bows / hair clips in your fringe, or just some cute hair band. Have fun and good luck :)

How To Do Emo Make-Up?

How to Do Awesome Emo Make Up?

If you want to get an emo styled look with your makeup, there is a specific way to put it on. Follow these steps and you will look emo in no time.


Follow the seperate steps for boys & girls.

Girls Make-Up

  1. Take your emo eyepaint or eyeliner and apply it carefully on the bottom of your eyes. Make sure you get close to the lash line. Start on the inside corner of your eye and make a thin line going to the outside of your eye.
  2. Apply your eyepaint/eyeliner in the same manner on top. Try for a rounded edge on the outside corner of your eye.
  3. Apply a healthy amount of eye shadow to your eyelids after the eyeliner has dried.
  4. You can create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount of a dark coloured eye shadow all around your eyes.
  5. Apply one coat of black mascara.
  6. If you want to, use foundation in a tone slightly lighter than your skin tone, or your own skin tone.
  7. Put a tiny bit of lipstick on. Blend it well into your lips and blot some off for a tinting affect.
  8. Don't overdo the makeup- you may look like a poser.

Quick note: If you have a very light skin complexion and maybe even darker eyes, you may want to use like a dark brown (close to black) and/ or a crimson color. This will not be to harsh on your skin tone!

  • apply colored eye liner under your black; use eyeliner on top lid too.

Boys makeup

  1. Apply eyeliner or emo eyepaint. Get very close to your lash line. Look at pictures of guys wearing eyeliner; notice that they are not wearing a lot - just enough to show they have it on.
  2. Eyeshadow is not mandatory, but if you are going to wear it, make sure it's not a sparkly neon color.
  3. If you wish, use a lightening foundation.
  4. Lipstick is, again, optional. If you are going to wear it, make sure to wear a tiny amount. Rub most of it off so it tints your lips, and doesn't paint them.

For Both!

  • Should not be ringed around your eyes.
  • If you're going to try liquid liner, you might just want to skip to emo eye paint instead. If you don't have access to emo eye paint, try just using liquid liner instead.
  • Go easy on the eyeliner. Put enough on where people know you have it on, but don't look like a raccoon.
  • You can use the same process with kohl or an eye pencil instead of emo eyepaint or liquid liner.


  • Try consulting with a makeup artist before selecting a color.
  • Make sure your color goes well with your eyes.
  • You should try new colors like dark green or midnight blue.

Using Powder/ Foundation to Lighten Your Skin Tone

  • Your face doesn't have to be covered in powder.
  • Don't use a foundation four shades lighter then your skin tone. While pale skin is stereotypical, look healthy.
  • If you want lighter skin, try using foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone.


  • Lip color shouldn't be too dramatic.
  • Try smudging a little purple on your lips, not coating them in black or red.
  • Consider ditching lip colors and gloss all together in favor of chap stick.
  • Avoid lip gloss - shiny is not the way to go.


  • Apply makeup in a reasonably bright light.
  • Guys: The eye shadow doesn't work - you have to use face powders.
  • Look at other people's makeup to get ideas. Never use their makeup ideas as your finished product!
  • Guys: Ask a girl to help you if you can't manage on your own


  • Don't over-do it.
  • Try to use a base/primer so your eyeliner doesn't leak.

Things You'll Need

  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Powder
  • Black makeup
  • Eye shadow

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