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How can I get Scene hairstyle with this kind of bangs?

Scene Hair with this kind of Bangs?

I love the bangs on the girl in the picture, but how can I style my hair Scene with these kind of bangs? Thank you :D - Jasmine


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How can I repair my split ends?

I need help with split ends...

'I have light brown hair a little past shoulder length n' it is really puffy. By the roots its wavy and really hard for me to make it stay down... im about to turn 13 and tried straightening it but i got really BAD split ends!! I dont want to cut my hair bc i want it to grow but i dont know what to do about the split ends! Any tips?

Also my mom lets me wear eyeliner but i dont know how to ask her if i could get some eyeshadow and face toner stuff (i have acne). Any ideas on how to do that in a way she would understand? Thanks!' - Camillio XD

Answer: 'Omg, dude, I know how it feels, JUST turned 13, and annoying acne. Try some hair mask, I heard that Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. Tried it a few days ago, works WONDERS! :D And rememer to know where you mom comes from before you ask her about getting more makeup. It'll help alot more when you do. :P' - Chessie Brie

Answer: 'hmm alright alright , about the hair :) A good thing to get is heat protectant spray.

I use Tresemme' heat protector spray. It smells really good and it helps keep the split ends at fray.
Also heat protectant shampoo and conditioner is something you should get.
About the make up: I'm pretty sure your mom would allow you to get it.. as long as you dont slather 3 inches on your face O_O so a good idea is to have acne medicine etc etc i know im no help XD but hope my tips did you some knowledge :D'

Answer: 'hey,you should just buy some make-up,your almost 13, thats way old enough!
and i think it would be wise if you just cut your ends so it doesnt look any shorter, but you dont have crappy looking ends. also, think about buying some straightening gel or something so that when its wet you can apply it,and it will dry straighter, and keep persisting with the straighteners. OH, and buy some clearasil, it always works :):):)'

Answer: 'What I would suggest is you buy shampoo specifically for damaged hair. I use Pantene Ice shampoo and my split ends are barely noticeable so trust me it works. Also I use this conditioner after the regular one. I think it's friom BEDHEAD I'm not sure all I know is it's peach with a blue lid. It really works.'

Answer: 'well there's nothing left to do then cut it, ur hair won't grow unless u cut it, oh and

wait till ur older too put on like black eyeshadow, start off with brown and go darker as u grow older
if u want stuff to cover blemishes use foundation and concealer, just use covergirl it's inexpensive and gives great coverage.
trust me i know from eperience but i've wearing make up since i was 11 cuz of my zits'

Answer: 'you should just cut a very little amount off the ends. you should just simply ask your mom about the eyeshadow. maybe offer to pay for it yourself. hope this helps :]'

Can I dye My Hair Extensions Black?

Will it ruin my hair extensions, if i dyed them black?

' ...please help,i'm having a meantal break down with my hair! :/ <3' - Georgia <3

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Answer: 'dying doesn't ruin your hair at all! if they're acrylic, then no, if they're real hair, then of course! and yeah once youve dyed it you cant go back, but you can dye over it! sheesh,people should just chill,hahahah:D'

Answer: 'dear georgia, not at all. even though ther have been already been a lot chemically, it wont. im 16 and have been wearing extensions since i was 13. blonde, red, brown, and now bleach blonde. it wont necessarily ruin them if they are good quality and human hair(:<3'

Answer: 'yeah it will the dye is strong and it will burn the hair off and ruin them dont do it!!!!! buy black hair extensions <3'

Answer: 'It can, hair extensions are (usually) real hair, so just like it damages your hair to dye it, (especially black) it ruins the extensions in the same way, if you are not planning on putting any other colors or bleaching them later on down the road, you should be fine.'

Answer: 'No, I dyed mine black and they're just fine. Just make sure to wash them every chance you get to keep them looking fresh. (:'

Answer: 'If they are acrylic hair extentions then yes you will ruin them but if they are real hair ones then no.'

Answer: 'if you dye them black you can never go back :)'


What hairspray holds best?

'And do I have to use a lot? Today I styled my hair and it didn't hold very well. I used a TON of hair spray throughout the day and it still fell flat. help?'

Answer: 'don't use Aussie Mega....sorry. but it doesnt hold for more than 2 hours. i would give Got2Be or Aquage a try...'

Answer: 'Mm.. "Big sexy hair"^^ works for me (: i love the bottle it holds good.. and smells good too! :) HAHA,...xx -emily reagan :)'

Answer: 'try using root plump plus by big sexy hair and then got2b or aussie awesum volume! those together are AMAZING!!! :O'

Answer: 'got2B freezing spray honey; works the best HANDS DOWN. even just a little spray here and there will hold your hair perfectly. And if you take a paper plate or a fan after you spray and and fan gently it'll dry faster and keep the shape better :D'

Answer: 'I use suave professional volume. it's just excellent, really.! And only about two dollars. Make sure its a purple cannn.! :D also, layers will help your hair stay up. (:'

Answer: 'I suggest using Bed Head it works great for me. they have certain kinds so read carfullly. But bedHeadB totally wotks . - Hb B'

Answer: 'go to sally beaty supply and get a freeze hold hairspray but don't get tresseme!!'

Answer: 'got2b glued blasting freeze spray... it's the best =) =)'

Answer: 'I use got2b hairspray. It's like 3 or 4 dollars at Wal-mart and (if you don't wash your hair everyday) it can keep the teasing in for days.'

Answer: 'i use aussie mega it smells good and holds'

Answer: 'try volumax from sallys'

Answer: 'i use aussie mega it smells good and holds'

Answer: 'Ok i tried a lot and Bed Head is good but i think its expensive. And got2be is waaaay better and cheaper. I love eet:]'

Answer: 'oh my gosh use Aquanet. i'm not sure if it works, but from what i understand, it holds like HOT GLUE. literally... XD'

Answer: 'AUSSIE EXTREME HOLD works so good. If you put like 10 inch hair up and spray it, it stays...!'

Answer: 'i like got2B i luv the way the bottle looks..and the smell and the holding is perfect for me :D'

Do I need Piercing to be Scene?

Do I need piercing to be Scene?

'All scene people nowadays have loads of piercings... snake bites,  ears, noses, lips, tongues, belly-buttons...there everywhere! Do you HAVE to get a piercing to be scene?' - Rachel Spenceee xxo

Answer: 'I'm 15 and sweetie you don't want a lip percing because it can make it difficult to eat it's the same with tongue rings. Do what I did ask your friends who have percings.' - Taylor Keele

Answer: 'Of course you don't NEED a piercing! Being scene is all about being unique
and different! You could def. Get some fake ones! Good luck! <3 Dyana <3' - Dyana

Answer: 'no i don't think u do. i have piercings in my ear and stuff but im still scene.' - Kameron Nagel

Answer: make a deal with them! My dad used to be strict with me getting piercing, now I have like 5!

Answer: 'No not at all!... I'm 12 years old and i've been scene since I was 10. I know it's a little young but I've always loved the idea of being unique and wearing bright colors etc. I only have 3 piercings and they are all on my ears. There are no rules to wether you need peircings or not. Just have fun with your look and your personality! :]'

Answer: 'of course not! I have peircings but i don't think it really matters. i think if you don't have piercings it adds to the cool doll-like look of a scene kid. everyone pulls of their own look. don't feel like peircings are totally necessary cuz thats not the case.  ^_^'

Answer: 'or you can just make or buy fake snakbites (: xoxo'

Answer: 'No, Im Scene, and i have been for 2 years, you dont need piercings, the only piercing i have is my belly and my ears, all you need to do to be scene, is dress bright, be different, piercings or no piercings, being scene is all about what you feel comfortable in. x hope i help you :)

Answer: 'Hei, No you don't need piercings to be scene. I do have Bull Septum and monroe and snakebites. But you don't need them, for real. It's just about how you look, you deffinitely don't have to look like others. It's better to get your own accessories and clothing. I do my own necklaces, and i never went to hairdressers neither, so.. Be scene in your way, it's cool.'

Answer: 'You don't have to get piercings to be scene at all, having piercings doesn't make you scene... do what you feel comfortable with! And if you want to look like you have gotten pierced but don't want to commit you can do what I did before I got pierced. Buy some sleeper hoops at walmart or somewhere similar and cut a small section out of it and put it on. It looks alot better than most fake lip rings and you can use the other ring from the pair on your nose too.
xxoo Raven Rampage.'

Answer: 'not really but it helps A LOT to ur scene look it makes u look scene so that people notice it more'

Answer: 'Pfft, hell no. If you don't want to get piercing then you don't have to, who cares if some scenesters have them.'

Answer: 'No you can be scene without a piercing. I'm scene and I don't have any piercings besides my ears. scene is about expressing individuality and being you. so don't go and assume because other scenies have it, that you have to. -Sessily Sedacious'

Answer: 'It is not like some "rule" written down. Those people just chose to get piercings. If you want to be scene, you don't necessarily need to get a piercing.'

Answer: 'You DEFFINITELY don't have to get a piercing to be scene. Everyone has their own look. It's basically following the scene crowd. Scene to me is the ones that stand out. But not everyone who is scene has piercings. If u feel like you want a piercing im ALL for it and you should do it if you REALLY want one... but i wouldn't recommend getting piercing just because other have them. Stick with being yourself! But if you feel like you want one..sleep it over and don't stress!'

Answer: 'There's no rules, and if you don't want to stick a metal bolt thing tnrough your ear then you don't have to - And if you want piercings, then either pierce it, or you can get magnet piercings or clip on earrings (: E xx'

Answer: 'no u don't! ok well i've been scene since i was like 10 and i'm like 17 now and never have i had "real" piercing on my face! just dress how u do now and you'll be fine! hoped i helped! brookelle brokencide xoxoo'

Answer: 'Nah, of course not, it all depends on what you're comfortable with. But if you're that desperate, I think you're taking this a bit too seriously. If you don't think you want a piercing, why get one?'

Answer: 'no! i'm scene (have been for like 6 years!) and i don't have any! the people you see with the piercings are like the stereotypes and have been scene since they were like 12 or so, and they have all of the "thingz" to be a scene "stereotype"! you can also buy fake ones if you don't want holes on you - well hope i helped!
xoxo brookel brokencide'

Can I be Scene with fuller figure?

'Okay, I'm about to be 17, I love scene but I'm 5'3 on a good day and wear a size 10. Maybe bigger depending where I shop. Its not that I hate being a curvy girl, but every scenie weinie is a flat bored. I have double d's and they don't really fit into the whole scene thing, ya know? I'm just thick up and it bugs me because everytime I try to dress "scene" I always look like a cow or a slut. Skinnys don't look cute on me at all and what scene girl doesn't wear skinnys. Should I just give up? And plus. If I tease my hair (its about to my shoulder) it falls flat.. EVEN if I put hairspray and all the junk everyone sugest.. Help!' - Raxhe Mae Drumm

Answer: 'ok well ive been " scene since i was 11" i never knew what it was lol ..( thanks little black cherry nevr wouldve known) and ive ALWAYS been a " biggger" girl and it doesnt matter ur size i mean most "steriotipacal scene girls " are vegitarian so they ussally have a better figure ive seen plenty of ' Big " scene girls look at you and me trust me ur not alone my Bff is scene and she it on the bigger side 2 i i never wanna b skinny its just another way 2 show individialality witch is what you want if u wanna b scene - Cruella devil'

Answer: 'I'm 5'9 and have D's. I go to school with all these skinny people that are pretty flat too... Just find a style that you like... Maybe dont wear skinnies and just go for a straight leg? Or wear a skirt/tutu with leggins and a loose t-shirt with a design and a tank top underneath!!

And for  your hair you could sit down with a hairdresser and talk about different products... i have frizzy hair and if i use hairspray thats even the tinyest bit to strong it wont go do! So just keep trying new stuff, i like more natural stuff because it doesnt completely ruin your hair. So if something doesnt work you dont have to freak about having split ends and chopping them off!! Just explore and love yourself because scene is being unique!'

Answer: 'right, i'm size 6-8 (UK) so, american 2-4, but i have pretty big boobs xD but just flaut it, everyones different, and you cant change your body :) so just be happy with it! As for skinnies, try a Black denim skirt? i often wear skirts and find it looks awesome! and with backcombing, once you have your hair so its sticking up, try getting your straightner and just hold it by the roots for a tiny bit, my hair stylist told me this tip and it works great! Good Luck <33'

Answer: 'try sectioning off ur layers and tease them one at at time. that's what i do and it works really good.'

Answer: 'Is your hair layered? Its a lot harder to poof up if its not. - NatSCREAM'

Answer: 'You can always go for leggings and a cute tutu. It fits the whole scene image. And, about your shirt problem, try buying shirts one size bigger. so it's not as tight (and you dont look like a slut).'

Answer: 'well to tease ur hair just try teasing and then spraying RITE AWAY so that it will stick, and this mite sound gross but its easier to tease and stays up better when ur hair has a bit of natural oil in it (aka don't shower for ONE day but if u did sumthing that made u sweat TAKE A SHOWER haha) or u can buy this product called root pump plus by big sexy hair and take a shower put it in ur roots and blow dry and it pumps it up MAJORLY its awesum!!! hope that helped wit the hair'

Answer: 'i'm scene, a size ten and have e cups. You don't have to wear skinnys. try straight legs or retro flares. And you also don't have to tease your hair.scene's about being unique and not conforming.
so don't conform (:'

Answer: 'Hey! I'm a size 12 and I live in New Zealand, I used to live in Essex. I'm curvy and I have C's. I know how you feel about being curvy and having a big bust, But don't Worry! Because you don't have to wear skinnies.

Try wearing the old school ones what sorta poof out at the bottom, and wear some bright coloured chucks with some retro laces. Also try wearing cardigans that nearly cover your but, cuz it looks really good on size 10 to 12's. Also, the breast situation. You can't help it, but maybe wearing the cardigan, not done up, and wear maybe a  vertical striped top. Preferably red and black. Wearing black cardigans help with the bust. Maybe with the jeans add on some chains.

It's all about finding what looks good on you. Don't be afraid to try other things on. Short shorts look good with cardigans and long stripey socks and chucks. You don't have to wear skinnies babe. Dresses with poof out starting from under the bust look good, because it don't make your breasts look too big, and try looking for ones with bows. Purple and black look great together. ! Hope I helped! = Ada.x'

Answer: 'You don't have to be super skinny to be scene everyone is different and you should be proud of how you look :) for the hair i suggest stronger hairspray and more teasing :]]'

Answer: 'Hey, it really doesn't matter what shape or size you are, you can be whatever style you like. Just wear clothes that suit your shape and compliment you. Also keep trying with your hair, mine took ages before I found the right products and how to style it. I use a tresemme hairspray and it seems to work with my hair. Hope that helps... Good luck! From Bex x'

Answer: 'Well, im 15 and 5'2 , i wear size 10 or 12. I have e's and i know what you mean, all my friends are tiny, makes me feel bad, but oh well. I don't think you should give up just try skinnnies that ain't so skinny. When i tease my hair it falls flat too.'

Answer: 'ok like i were a size 9 or 7/8. ok well just love the skin you're in gurl and just be yourself! And don't listen to what other people have to say! maybe they're jelaous! hehe well just buy clothes that fit and instead of wearing skinnies wear a cute mini or a tutu with blak or any dark leggingz! hope i helped a little!
xoxo brookel brocencide'

How to persuade my parents to piercing?

'uhmm I'm 14 and my parents just give me a weird look when i come down in what i casually wear ... which is scene normal outfits tend to be quite colourfull and i wanna get a lip peircing but they will just be a bit do i tell them i want one done soon and how to persuade them to say yes ? xx ?' Lily Jordan

Answer: 'I'm fourteen too. I wanted a lip piercings but my mom wouldn't approve. I tried convincing her into it, but she kept saying no. So I went against her and pierced my lip myself. She was disappointed in me, but I talked to her. It was just a stud, and the one thing that got her to let me keep it was "you have tattoos, those are permanent. I can take out the piercings, you're scarred." ha, it worked. And now I have snakebites. I guess you can pull that line if your parents have tattoos. :D'

Answer: 'Hello. I'm 13. Andd I have snakebites, septum, and 3 on my ear.. What I did to get my piercing was: I talked to my mom and agreed to take care of it, I helped out more around the house, brought my grades up, and tried to be as good as possible. Worked for me!=D Good luck.
-Sondra Sacrifice'

Answer: 'im 15 and ive got my lip, belly, nose and ears done, my mum really didn't
want me to get my lip done at first but i just kept asking her and after a little while she finally agreed to let me get it done because she said it was my choice and my face :)'

Answer: 'im 13 and i'm kind of scene/emo. my parents also give me weird looks when i walk downstairs in my casual clothes. as for the lip piercing, i would say to wait until you are really sure you want it. don't for get that you are permanently putting a hole in your lip. I know this is what everyone says and before you think 'thats a stupid thing to say', really give it some thought... - ashleigh'

Answer: 'try getting the magnet ones first and then tell ur parents they are real note their reaction and if they r like gasp about it take em out and show em but if they dnt make TO big of deal bout it just tell em that they r real and later go get em done 4 real and ur rents wud neva no...'

Answer: 'Well I'm 17 and I have my nose, navel, and a suicide kiss done. When I got my labret done though I was 15, what I did to convince my parents was I went online and got all the info about taking care of it and the cost and everything and showed it to them to prove I had thought about it and knew what I was getting into so they knew I was serious about it and that it wasn't just a phase or something I wanted because one of my friends had it done.. Hope this helps
xxoo Raven Rampage'

Answer: 'People really shouldn't judge our dress sense and chances by age. Cuz I'm
14 and have a lip piercing and a nose stud and a belly button piercing. Well, maybe ask your mum, and then ask again in gaps of weeks, cuz if they know you've been wanting it for a while then they might crack, but maybe making a deal, say, if you pass some sort of exam, maybe you could get it done? I dunno, it depends on what your parents are like.

Plus, yes, people may go through 'phazes' of being interested in things but some might just try and blend in. But I believe that 13 is not too young to be 'scene' it may be a label which I don't believe in, but if I did, I would believe there wouldn't be a minimum age to be it. Also, I have been interested in the stereotypical 'scene'stuff since I was about 5. Buffy got me into it.'

Answer: 'You're 14 & want a lip peircing?! That's insane. Honestly wait, this "scene" thing will just be a young teen phase & you're putting permanent hole in you body for it. Think about it dumby.'

wtf xD i was 14 too when i get snake bite and now i'm 18 and i'm still happy with it! so don't say that's dumbass! xD :'] but i tought about it for like *think* since i was 9 or some thing.. so i realy want it... it wasn't impulse - hope you understand but dunno how to say it to your mum and dad cuz my didn't have any problems with piercings and tattoo's sorry..'

Answer: 'my ex best friend has a lip peircing. shes 14 and every looks at her lyyk she's a poseur.. maybe its cause she failed twice though X] BUT anywayy she can't get a boy friend cause she looks so weird with the lip peircing. I'm not saying thaat ppl with peircings look weird im saying don't regret it. Because its something  yew can't change. Just b sur yew want it. Kay`?'

Answer: 'I'm 15 and i have my tongue nose and belly button pierced, as well as my snakebites, and my parents didn't even know i had any of them done till i come home. Now i'm not telling you to go out and get pierced but tell them you want it done, note there reaction and decide weather or not you want to test them. Good luck. X'

Answer: 'explain it to them that you really want it done and they shouldn't be judgmental on your style cause you're just being more unique and choosing to be different from everyone else, if all fails ask if u can get a nose ring'

Answer: 'Well, if you pay for it with your own money and tell them that you will help out around the house I'm sure they will let you. I'm 17, I'll be 18 in february.. but with my parents if you pay for it then its okay, they wouldn't like it if i did but once it's done they get over it eventually... so good luck!'

Answer: 'ok so i want to get my lips peirced too, and im 14 also.. but my mom already decided no. You should ask your parents to sit down so you can have a serious talk with them. Then tell them how you feel about it, but before you do "the talk" you should definately consider doing extra chores and getting good grades, but if you already do that then you could tell them that you're responsible enough to get them, but don't be whiny, kind of try to convince them.

And you could say thats the only thing you want for christmas or your birthday. oh and comprimises are good too. example: my mom wants me to have good grades, so i asked her.. "so if i get all straight A's will you let me dye my hair purple?" and she said yes. something like that sort of comprimise. good luck :)'

Answer: 'break it to them that you want it done, but before you do that, try writing down things like the cost of getting it done and how to take care of it. thats how i got my parents to get my lip pierced and I'm 14 too:)'


Can I be Scene Wearing Glasses?

Can I be Scene wearing glasses?

'well i have glasses and my rents wont let me wear contacts till like later in life you know. my glasses arent scene at all thought so yeah what do you think i should do?' - Ussi Llamas

Answer: these are Scene glasses:

Answer: 'K i'm 11, not allowed to wear contacts. So what i did, is i bought a pair of huge black 'nerd' glasses, went to the eye doctor and got them a perscription lense, now i look more scene :)'

Answer: 'Glasses are so much better than contacts. Get darker colours of glasses and they will go with everything. Contacts will make your eye look funny after years of usage.'

Answer: 'I think that glasses can be very scene, actualy. It depends on what they look like. I see fake glasses all the time. My friend also wears those glasses (she doesn't even need them) just because they look cool. But if yours aren't the big and flashy type, the world still won't end. I'm not sure if you have ever heard of the band My Chemical Romance, but the bass guitarist, Mikey Way, used to have glasses.  He pulled it off, big time. They were just normal, skinny ones.  Glasses really don't matter. In my opinion, they are AWESOME! ~Hannah'

Answer: 'I wear glasses to and i dress this style. My glasses tend to work for the look im going for and look good with my face shape. So if i were you I would try to find glasses that compliment my face shape. Also stay away from wire rimmed frames (trust me i've been wearing glasses scince i was in the first grade and im 16 now almost 17.) They look ok when your really young but as u get into your teens they tend to not compliment ur features too much. and I know wearing glasses is not about looking good but if you're gonna be stuck with them the least they could do if compliment you and your style.

So go for maybe the frames that have color. Mine for instance are black on the outside and have a light purple in the inside with rhinestones in a sammll rectanle at the sides with a "C" inside them for the candies collection frames they have at eyemasters from ashlee simpson.'

Answer: 'there are definitely some glasses that look scene, look at some pics of scene kids. you'd be surprised, a lot of them wear glasses!'

Answer: 'There are these really cool glasses that I guess you could call "scene" glasses that maybe you could get. They are the shape of wayfarer sunglasses but clear instead of shaded. I have a pair and I think they're awesome ^.^'

Answer: 'Glasses to me are totally awesome. and with scene look too? oh no you're killing them! lol- maranda'

Answer: 'i wear glasses and i'm scene, i just make my eyeliner really dark and i added black eye shadow too. i make my eyelashes really long by using good mascara and just wear my style of clothing. it doesn't matter if you wear glasses, it just matters how you wear them (:'

Answer: 'scene isn't completely about the way you look. Try a lot of makeup to fix this eye issue of yours :P'

Answer: 'I have these glasses that are really cool and that are what I guess you could call "scene" glasses. There black rimmed and are kinda shaped like wayfare sunglasses, so if you really want to change your glasses you could look for something like that. Hope this helps!'

Answer: 'I have the same problem, but in myspace picture comments people say i look cute and unique with glasses! So i just got over the fact that im not perfect and sucked it up'

Answer: 'why don't you get some geek chic ones with real lenses in them? i think they look awesome x'

Answer: 'just be unique, see if your allowed to get a cheap pair in a chemist if your not allowed don't hold yourself back just because your glasses are, ignore them and be yourself :)'

Answer: 'i don't think it really matters if you have contacts or not,but i think scene is anything you wear that makes you comfortable and your own person...but at least make sure you have the perfect pair of glasses or you might not get the look your looking for. :] xD but that's my opinion :d'

Answer: 'my glasses have purple rims lol so they go wi ma purple streaks!!can anyone guess what my fave colour is?? x'

Answer: 'Glasses are hawtt! I wear ones with plastic lenses just so I can look cute. Haha. I suggest getting some horn rimmed glasses and then amping up your makeup.'

Answer: 'Glasses are hard to pull off if you're scene (I would know..) I had the same issue when I was 14. My parents wouldn't let me get contacts, so we settled at getting new frames.  The frames I got are black plastic rims. (These ones, just in black:

I think that being scene is putting your own style into it.  If your glasses don't match your style, MAKE them. You can wear thicker makeup, or you can rock the hair.

If you can't rock the hair (your parents might not let you cut/dye your hair.. I dunno, mine didn't at first) then rock out the belts, shoes, scarfs. Make it you!

If you can't wear contacts, it isn't a good deal.  IMO, I think glasses
are hot for scene girls. I hope this is helpful :D --kenz'

How To Style My Curly Hair Scene?

'I have insanely curly, brown long hair. i love the scene look but no one has ever thought of me as anything near scene. i've been called emo before but they were kidding. i really want scene hair but can't dye it (rents will only allow ones...) do you think my hair will look ok with layers when i can't straighten it? (thats what im most worried about). please help me...i've loved this look forever and can't decide what to do.' - Jazzmine Henderz

Answer: 'put sum heat protectant spray on it and straiten it every day in 3 months it should kinda always stay like that :)' - dying alone

Answer: 'Haha my hair is insanely curly too. ITs reddish chocolate brown and my rent wont let me color it (I wish though) don't straighten ur hair all the time. It will ruin it!

Try using rave hairspray. It smells good and even if u brush ur hair with it on, it wont get flakey. its cheap too!'

Answer: 'curly hair looks fine with layers. it actually gives your hair more volume. just get some bright jewlery & clothing, and you should be good.(:'

Answer: 'I have thick, curly hair. & it's coarse too. I reaaally want to get choppy layers but I cant straighten my hair EVERYDAY because it takes almost an hour. I'm trying some new products and I think that REDKEN Smooth Down Serum works well along with wrapping your hair in a towel after a shower. Just comb out the knots and then apply the products and wrap it before you go to bed. It will look better (:'

Answer: 'my hair is wavy but still curly, i have short hair but straighten it most of the time. I can leave it and it looks fine i just put a bobby pin in to hold my bangs back. You can use a baret or another type of clip also'

Answer: 'my mom is a pro hair stylist and colurist... she will not let me put any odd culurs in my hair, my layers are short but my hair is like medium length. i by clip in hair extensions at spencers, they're cheap and last like 4evr'

Answer: 'you shouldn't straighten all of your hair, trust me! I tried straightening all of my hair, & it took HOURS, I hated it! I've got long curly/wavy hair with straight, side swept bangs. A lot of people have said that it looks scene,, but I don't like labelling myself :p but anyway, DO get layers,THEY WORK WITH CURLY HAIR!!I even cut my hair sometimes,because all the hairdressers fuck it up xD anyway,be yourself. im honestly getting tired of seeing only straight scene hair. It gets boring!'

Answer: 'Straighten it and then cut it into layers, because if you try otherwise and cut into layers while its curly it won't really work (: good luck'

Answer: 'i feel you on the insanely curliness. i got a scene cut with my curly hair a couple weeks ago, and it looks awesome left curly as well as straight. you can use a diffuser to dry it to have lots of little spirals, or let it dry in a french braid for big chunky curlsthe great thing about curly scene hair is you don't have to tease it as much because it's already gigantic'

Answer: 'Get some short layers and some different coloured extentions, straighten it and make the top BIG. you could leave it curly and just make your layers all bouffant.'

Answer: 'do NOT get your hair razored , it encourages curls, you can get short choppy layers in , but you could consider getting it chemicaly strightened'

Answer: 'jazz i love your hair! Please do not cut just go with yous rents and get really golden dark red highlights, my sis has your hair and she looks great w/ the highlights ! we go 2 the mall and people compliment her ;)'

Answer: 'well if u really want to look scene u could

Answer: 'hey! my hair looks liike yours! i got short-ish layers in my hair and it looks even better curly!! i've been called emo too! but all ii want is to be sceene!! mum nd dad won't let me get anything done wit my hair! i have some purple/pink hilights in it!! -nadine'

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