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How To Apply Liquid Eye Liner?

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

Liquid eye liner is easy to apply once you know what you are doing, it doesn't smudge as much as the pencil (when let to dry) - I prefer Maybelline Stiletto - it's quick to dry and easy to get off)
That being said i personally like to put the eye liner on the bottom of my eyes first mainly because it is an easier to access than the top.

submitted by Isabella

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11/03: 'don't pull on your eye or the skin around it!! just use a q-tip so pull your lids slightly. if you just pull on it with your finger or if you pull too much you could cause aging and a young youthful age.' - inotara minki ku

09/03: 'you have to make it just cant go along and copy every body else you have to express yourself, so first start of with a lil eye shadow something that is bright and glowy but make sure it matches what you are wearing even if it is just jewelry, and then apply a light layer of eye liner and put it where u are wanting it to go and if u like it then go for it and then trace over the eye liner and make it much much darker but it could take some getting use to making your eye liner so dark but just try it out anyways....and if you havent yet tried the lil pointy part on the end of your eye that sticks out you should you look way more scene and by pointy part i mean the eye liner that you apply on the outer part of each eye thats yeah hope i helped! ' - mackenna carter

04/03: 'try layering up eyeliners, like a pencil around the inside of the upper lid (whilst its open) and then close eye, and drag liquid eyeliner from the center outwards... neaten it up obv XD but mainly just doing pencil right inside, and then liquid to get the shape right works really well. oha and layering colours! like when I'm at school and get told off for wearing it really thick, then i use gold on the top lid, cos it's still really bright and stands out, plus it stays on longer than eyeshadow.' - Kezzy-Kesbe

16/02: 'I recently found a great way to remove eyeliner (of any type).I do this every night and it makes my skin smooth and gets rid of the eyeliner! :)
I like to use 'Baby Oil'. I apply some of the baby oil on a soft cloth and gently scrub around my eyes. (don't be afraid to get any in your eyes, it doesn't hurt) :) Hope this helped!!' - Chica_xoxo

09/02: 'Right, get a thick sharpend pencil eyeliner and look up and gently make a line of black all the way along the bottom of you under-lid (corner to corner), then put a coat underneath you eye and smudge it in, then but a huge black line (as big and as thick as you want) on the top lid and colour it in, IT WORKS!(:, xx' - emily-roseee

23/01: 'I find that if i use a soft eyeliner that it helps to have your eyes clean like some people said but to also make sure that ur mascara is off. when u have mascara on it slightly blocks you from getting all the eyeliner on right.. now..

My moms a famouse make up artist and she has done a lot of stars makeup and her tips are..

- if your hair is dark then its gonna make you look paler than you already are so you need to darken up the skin tone a bit..

- use bare minerals with a shade darker in foundation and make sure that it's spread out evenly.

- your eyes are more attractive and look younger if there's not a lot on of eyeliner but at times you should go a little wild and crazyy with it. if you feel that its to wild then take a q-tip and some eye make up remover and slightly rub the top and un thicken it as much as you can!! and more questions email me at  - Saige :P'

17/01: 'The best eyeliner (not liquid) in my opinion is Maybelline New York unstoppable eyeliner and I always get the onyx or black but sometimes the black is hard 2 find ;33 and I like it cuz it doesn't smudge at all and it's waterproof cuz I'm very emotiionallz and cry a lot :/ anyways, I always start at tha bottom water line the go to the bottom lash line and at tha top get as close as u can to tha lashez and then if u mess up put some eyeshadow over it and re-aplly :33' - XXxx8DSmileZbbayxxXX

How To Decorate School Outfit to Look Scene?

Decorate School Outfit To Look more Scene!

School time is so close, and the uniforms in wardrobe just die to be seen again, not bad if you look super cool in your uniform, and it's flattering. You might call yourself lucky. But what about the rest of us, who are just scared to think of putting this lumpy grey things and become mass product for next few months? There's way around, with a little help of our readers, we've put together few simple tips how to decorate School Outfit to look more Scene:

Hope these few tips give you some idea and inspiration how to decorate school outfit, if you've got tip of your own, please share here - use the form below!


29/08: 'Or u can i have an super skinny jeans blue or an other color and mix it with an cute colorful shirt!!!!!' - Danielle Thomas

03/09: 'If you go to a paticularly strict school then heres what you can do.

  1. Customise EVERYTHING as much as is allowed.
  2. If youre school doesn't allow makeup or crazy hair colours then where
    big scene shades, necklaces, nail varnish, etc.
  3. If your schol does, go as far as school rules allow!
  4. for the makeup eyeliner mascara and foundation and maybe eyeshadow.
  5. For your hair tip your head upside down and straighten it that way to
    add more volume
    and then tease it, spray it [any strong hair spray will do
    but gottaB glued is stellar] add a cute bow.
  6. You WILL get mean comments but don't listen! Being scene is all about
    being indavidual! Be yourself and have fun <3

    Love Yas x x x'

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