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My New Trapper Hat - Winter Hurry Up So I Can Wear It :)

My New Trapper Hat :)

What do you think of my New Fluffy Hat? That's my favourite Hat ever and can't wait to start wearing it, just need some quality Winter Time :) But this Trapper Hat looks wicked even with short sleeve T-shirt and Summer clothes, it's just awesome accessory! Are you also fan of hats?

Alternative Modelling - Where To Start?

How to Become Alternative Model?

The modelling industry is like another world, a world of fashion, beauty and everything glamorous! However it can be extremely hard to get into. There's so many different types of modelling, including:

They all work the same way. I know from my own experience that getting into modelling is not as easy as I thought it would be. I looked into modelling for different reasons, mainly to boost my self-confidence. I've always been shy - so I looked at modelling as the way to make me feel better about myself. I deffinitely think entering modelling industry has lifted my self-confidence! There's many girls who dream of becoming Alternative Model, but don't know where to start, so I thought I'll share few tips with you, and hope you'll find them useful!

Modelling Agencies - what do they do?

Basically a modelling agency represents you to all the companies and people who are currently looking for models. They will put your pictures, info and physical features - along with talent - onto their database. This is also called a portfolio. When somebody from the industry is looking for a model, they search for someone with certain particular look and features they need. The agency will put you forward if they think you're what they're looking for. But not all agencies are genuine though, and it's extremely easy to get caught out, so be careful! 

Make sure you are not paying any money up front, and also let your parents and guardians know about your plans! This is very important, as you will have to take a parent with you, if you're under 16. However - getting an agent is a hard work! I have applied to lots of agencies across UK, and have been declined every time! I have contacted nearly 20 agencies and been unsuccessful. With the modelling industry you have to stay strong and determined when looking for work. You can't back down and give up after being declined once! I carried on searching and finally found modeeling agency I was accepted in!

Being a model has lots of advantages and it gives you a tough shell! You WILL at one point be told you are not good enough, you're too short / tall, underweight / overweight etc! They're looking for a certain look and if you don't have that, they will won't take you on board. But don't let it affect your determination / willingness!

Modelling is a hard job, you have to face battles of competition on regular basis. There are thousands of people who are after the same job as you, and no one has their job guaranteed! It all deopends on what industry requires. 

I absolutely love the whole idea of modelling, there's just something that attracts me :) If this is how you feel towards modelling and fashion industry, you should deffinitely try it! 

So where to start? 

  1. Start taking pictures of yourself! They don't have to be professional and you don't have to spend lot of money. Good quality phone camera can do the trick. Make sure you take pictures that compliment your features - almost as the ones you see in fashion magazines!
  2. Find a friend from school who's also interested in modelling, and you can help each other.
  3. Take photos in natural lighting - it's always most flattering!
  4. Find inspiration, this can be done fashion wise. You don't want to base your look on other model, because there is one there already! Be unique and stay true to yourself, it could be the real you the agency is looking for!
  5. Email internet shops / local photographers and ask them if you could model for them. It helps them out, as well as giving you experience - and photos!

Modelling is so much fun! It is something I find really enjoyable, and learn new things every single day. It's something almost every girl dreams of, and it feels more like a 'hobby' than regular job! If you are interested in modelling, talk to your parents, see what they say and if you get a chance grab it with both hands!

Good Luck everyone! <3

Effy @ LBC

Hair Extensions - Real Love or Fake It Some More?

Hair Extensions - Real or Fake? Vote in our Poll!

I love the idea of hair extensions, and I can spot (sometimes) which girl is sporting extensions, although some girls really mastered the blending technique ;) You can get so many styles with your hair when you clip in hair extensions, I specially adore different shade ones, like blonde streaks with red hair, or chocolatey brown with black hair! But the thing is, which are better - real or fake? Which do you prefer? Vote now:

Fight For The Colour!

Faith sporting new Red Hair!

Red hair seems to hate us, but if you dyed your hair for some awesome sweet colour, you have to fight for it! Try everything you can to keep it in, use colour shampoo and conditioner, and try now to wash your hair too often (gross, I know, but use dry shampoo and / or baby powder to get rid of greasy roots) and WASH YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER! It will lock in the colour! I dyed my hair last week Bright Red (see the photo) and it's already faded! ~ Faith @ LBC

Have You Ever Pierced Yourself?

Ok, so Faith from LBC really wants to pierce her own septum, she's got all the tools that pros use, she's even watched videos how to do it. Now the hard part - actually doing it :) She's bit scared now.. we were wondering if any of you pierced themselves and what was your experience? Comment below!

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04/10: 'I've pierced my ear before with a clean safetypin, it was awesome! It hardly hurt it just went a bit red. As for facial piercings, i'm not sure.' - Talia

01/10: 'Yeah...I have pierced my didnt swollen but the next day i taken the jewellery out, because i am not a professional so thats why I took it off.. it didnt hurt so Faith from LBC wants to pierce her septum..septum is very difficult and if something go wrong she will have problems with her nose...I think she should do it to a professional..' - EveOiol'

27/09: 'I know this article was kinda posted a long time ago, but i feel like i need to say something. If you feel like you need a peircing and you need one like... RIGHT NOW then you should maybe consider asking your parents even though 99.9% the answer is going to be no- it doesnt hurt to ask. I'm not saying this like its an exstreamly good idea but if you feel like its YOUR body and ONLY YOURS then peirce it yourself- because your parents can't make you take it out. That can lead to infection (tell them that if they try to)! Make sure you're ABSOLUTELY POSITIVLEY SURE that you want this before you even decide. Its going to hurt- but it'll heal. And you made this desision. Of course if your parent say yes then you're okay! Good Luck!' Alexis

12/08: 'I Have My Septum Pierced.. I Did Not Do It Myself, I Went To A Shop To Get It Done.. They Way It Has To Be Done Is More Complicated Than It Looks. So I would Advise You To Go Somewhere And Get It Done.. If You Do It Yourself Make Sure You Have A friend With You To Keep You Right :) Good Look x' - LittlePrincessJordan

11/08: 'Ive pierced my nose my second hole in my lobes, my cartilage and pierced friends lip for them. Do it yourself piercing is no big deal as long as you educate yourself on the piercing technique and type of tools used for the piercing you want. Im sure youll be fine, just be confident :) or if you stilll dont feel sure enough, read up some more on the piercing and watch a few more vidios untill you feel more comfortable.' - Missa

31/07: 'Ive pierced myself quite a few times. Don't be nervous. That's one thing that'll really help. Ive pierced my septum, eyebrow, lip. All that. And When I was about to do it, I got nervous or scared and so i didn't even thing about continuing till i knew i was ready. Just keep a steady hand and all that. Take a deep breath, and right when yuu pierce yurrself let that breath out slowly. thats what i have to say bout that sooo good luck!!' - Nicoli KR

28/07: 'Ok,im too young to get a piercing so far BUT all i know is I really want one.Actually i want to get a monroe, or two cheek piercings. I also want my eyebrow piercied. But im too scared. I dont want it to hurt,that much.' - Corey

24/07: 'No piercing is permanent. If you decide later that you don't want it, take it out and it will heal back up. I know because I used to have 2" gauges and my dad made me take them out and within a WEEK, they were healed back up. Also, my best friend had a monroe done, and she took it out and it healed up within the hour.' - RocketshipRachel

20/07: 'and so yeah my question is that would getting a peircing on mi face would hurt and how do i persuade my mom to get them (on me of course) and shes super strict and btw im 13 got the colored hair things done-zo already but not tht im trying to be a "poser" and stuff but my friends got em and i thouht a lot of this ALOT so help ^-^ ??' - Ashley Courchenz

18/07: 'I've pierced my lip myself & I too was really scared to but i ended up just doing it & i was so glad i did! once you start to pierce skin it gets a lot easier cuz the adrenalin hits. I've pierced my septum, professionally, and it didn't even hurt that much. It's all in your head! Just go for it' - Risa

17/07: 'I got my eye brow pierced and I'm 12 it dident hurt a friend did it for me so try it its fun!!!!!!!' - Shania

14/07: 'pierced my lips,ears 3 time,eyebrow 3 times,I want to do septum too but its hard to see what u doing,unless get someone to do it for u.' - Paula

14/07: 'I was scared to do any piercings on myself at first, because of my parents.. and because I didnt want to do them wrong or seriously hurt myself in the process... Once I became like 17, I started to rebel so I just started piercing things the week before I turned 18 and during that first week of adulthood. I ended up with: snakebites, 2 piercings in each ear, my belly (professionally), and recently I had gotten my tongue professionally pierced... (DONT EVER TRY TO DO UR OWN TOUNGE, U REALLLY

06/07: 'I want to have snake bites but I'm tooo scared!!! Plus I also want to cut it but don't know how, any body wanna help me out?!?' Babi Gurl

30/06: 'I did ma lip in spider bites, and it hardly hurt at all! the only problem was that i had to take it out :'( but it didn't get infected or anything :)' - Jess

30/06: 'yes ive pierced my lip (snakebites), ear cartilage (5 times), ears, nose and thats all of it but all of it was self pierced.!! O.o :O none of them got infected tho (Relief.!) :D but i wouldn't suggest it to anyone else i was lucky not to get infected or anything but it doesn't hurt at all if you are thinking of doing it urself :D well its no prob at all doesnt hurt much at all idunno if any of this helps :( but goodluck there' - Ashley.IamKitten

29/06: 'I have pierced my own Snakebites and septum, for one thing, NUMB YOUR NOSE!!! and if u want it quick burn the tool you are using and slowly put it through, i did that, BARELY felt a thing :) its not bad, go for it !' - Becca

28/07: 'I originally got my eyebrow pierced proffesionally but the bar fell out over night 'cause I never tightened it properly :a but it never hurt getting it done the first or second time. I've also got snakebites that a friend did and 2 hip piercings. None hurt and they all look really cool :)' - AmyLizzy

21/06: 'Ive done my ears millions of times and my lips it only pinches but make sure it doesnt get infected....then it hurts! But otherwise its just a pinch for me.... ^___^' - Maygen

20/06: ''m wayyy too scared to pierce my lip or nose! mu cousin told me they hurt and hers got infected. that's my fear of getting anything pierced. I barely did my two piercings to my ears - anybody got some suggestions for me?' - TeyyxxHunneyy

19/06: 'I have actually pierced my own septum, snakebites and I have pierced 4 or 5 of my friends belly buttons... I give the septum ring 3 / 5 for pain and my snakebites 2 / 5 for pain. Good luck for piercing your septu, it doesn't hurt that much, it feels worse if you take forever like me, that's why i gave it 3 / 5 for pain!!! ;)' - Desiree

17/06: 'I accidentally pierced to high and it hurttt. Be carefullll' - Sarah

07/05: 'I Have wanted Snakebites for 5 years, but no matter what i do, my parents are NOT coming around. It's getting to the point where i want to do them myself, but i'm afraid of f*ucking up the nerves and veins. I already have 7 piercings, my navel, 4 on my right ear and 3 on my left. (A cartilage included.) I did all my ear piercings and i have never had any problems with them.' - Juba

How To Cut Your Own Scene Hair?

Natural Red Scene Hair - Read How to Cut Your Own Hair!

Love Scene Hair but can't think of trusting anyone else with cutting it just the way you want? Fancy Scene do but you want something unique, original and standing out? There's one thing you can do to get this look - cut your hair yourself! With bit of preparation and experience you'll get the hair cut you've always dreamed of! Here's few simple steps how to cut your own Scene Hair:

Relax! It's just hair. No matter what you do it can be fixed in some way. If not, it will grow back! Go slowly and do not be nervous. Anxiety will increase your chance of making a mistake. If you find yourself continuing to try to even out sides, STOP! You will soon cut off more hair then you desired. Stop, take a deep breath, and reassess. Your hair does not have to be exactly even.

See also:

LBC Blog - All About Scene Hair!

How To Dye Your Hair Yourself?

Create most amazing effects when dying your Hair yourself!

We all want our hair to look perfect, healthy, shiny and of amazing colour! But colouring your hair at salon can be pricey, specially if you have to do it every few months. You can also do it yourself at home. Dying your hair is not that complicated, just stick to few rules:


How To Make Your Old Skinnies Awesome?

How To Make Skinny Jeans?

You love your favorite Skinnies, but you know them inside out, they've been your best companion for last few years! Now you're a little bored, but heart tells you not to throw them away just yet... Here's smart little move you can make to give your Skinnies new life and fresh look. It is extremely unusual, quite brave, but unbelievably bold and catchy. Simply create triangular cut-outs along the legs! They can be placed on the front (as in the photo) or on the side.

To create this look you'll need:

First, prepare your triangular template, it can be small triangle cut from old cardboard, around 4" (10cm) long. Put your Jeans on to visualise how to cut them. You can have regular cutouts along the leg, or just few irregular peek-a-boo ones.

Place triangle template where you want your cutouts to be and mark area around it with black marker. If you want your cutouts to be smaller further down the leg, simply draw a line only along the top of your triangle template (that way you'll get smaller size cutouts while keeping the same shape).

Now take of your Jeans and place them on flat surface to define the shapes of your cutouts more neatly with marker.
It is extremely important that you take off your Jeans before cutting. This will prevent you from cutting and possibly injuring yourself while trying to cut holes in your Jeans.
Place protective cardboard inside each leg before cutting to avoid unnecessary holes in bottom layer. With razor blade cut carefully along marked lines. Take your time and have fun!

Liquid or Pencil? What Kind of Eyeliner is Better?

What kind of eye liner should I get? I use liquid and pencil, but by 13:00 it usually fades away. Also should I use just one eyeliner or is it bad to use both at a time? If I was to get eyeliner from Sally's, which kind? Is there any in particular? Thanks for help! >.< - Christina Irene Almaguer

01/12: 'I use both and i can sleep on it and it doesn't fade rly. i use revlon color stay crayon and almay liquid. Then i brush everything over with light coat of baby powder and that's my trick for keeping it on SO long!'

20/11: 'I use Barry M Intense Eye Pencil, works a treat if you want really dark eye makeup. For lighter look just use Barry M khol pencil'

13/11: 'P.s. apply it with a slant brush and layer it on for adarker look, or for a soft look try applying very little and smudging it slightly. Itr comes in a tiny but deep pot, and the product doesn't run out that fast, but it'll run out a lil if u apply it thick.

13/11: 'CREAM!!! its in between and can be used as a really dark awesome eyeshadow! And if you want liquid try a liquid eye pen... use primer to make it stay and do what everyone does, dig out ur liner + a mirror and reapply around midday, your eyes (and maybe other people's) will thank u! :)'

Living Dead Souls Hoodies - Devil Is in The Detail...

Black and Hot Pink Striped Jacket Hoody with Kitty Ears

Inviting Living Dead Souls to your life means you love things extra ordinary! New LDS Hoodies can be soft to touch, delight with delicious colors and please with cute prints. But you'll get to discover more and more every time you put them on... Hidden pockets in sleeves, smart little finishing touches to hood and sleeves, absolutely mind-blowing silver skull zipper with crystal red eyes, or rubber momiji doll charm. It's all in the detail and it's here to delight you.

Black and Hot Pink Striped Kitty Ears Jacket has got little pointy devilish kitty ears on top, all in American Hood are now totally crazy about this little Kitty subject, but what's most awesome about this clever Top, it's got longer sleeves with thumb holes - we love it! You can wear them as Fingerless Gloves under the Jacket or with some gorgeous jumbo ring! Now that's so cute!

We love it, this fabulous Hoodies will be charming you over and over again and prove it's worth your love every single day, treat it kind, pair with friendly Skinny Jeans and Accessories and watch your wardrobe blossom...

Tip of The Week - How to Apply Eyeliner?

Eyeliner is very important for Scene Emo make up, it helps to define your eyes and create the look you're after: soft everyday or evening vampy  look. There are two types of eyeliner: liquid or pencil. Liquid eyeliners are ideal for creating thin perfect lines along your lashes, and require steady hand. Pencil eyeliners are more forgiving, great for beginners, and are really good for smudgy thicker lines. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with, if you prefer liquid eyeliners, pick waterproof one so it won't run during a day. If you opt for pencil liner, get soft one, so you can apply it (and re-apply during a day) easily. Maybelline makes great soft pencil eyeliners.

Few tips how to apply eyeliner:

What are your tips for applying perfect line? Have you got favorite brand of eyeliner? Share it here and see what others think and suggest!


07/11: 'I'm scared to cut my hair. I already have layers and i want them to b shorter (my mom says cutting and dying and straightening and spraying my hair damages it and hair dye can give me cancer... grr. Well anywayz i want to all i need is better scissors and a friend to help - but id never get to show it cuz id be grounded 4 life. i'll try cutting it myself at home one day (or at least practice on dolls) - LeahLashout

p.s. @ Vanessa- i think she has Manic Panic hair dye in Hot Hot pink - or the girl on the cover on the mag has a darker version of that'

10/04: 'i cut my hair a lot! and everytime i cut it i think it looks better!
supplies you need:


ok so when i cut my hair i start in the back and make it super short! then i i just razor it everywhere!!!' - sam :3

23/02: 'OMG! thanx for the advice guys :D thanx to u guys, my hair is perfecto! keep staying awesomeness!' - Molly

02/02: 'ok, so i cut my hair and it looked pretty good, but what kind of scirrors are you suppost to use, or does it not matter?' - courty golf

22/01: 'for a better layering damp your hair and pull straight to full length in the air and twist then take a razor and pull in desired areas to thin and layer.' - LilaLove

17/01: 'ive tryed cuttin my own hair the way i wanted it you just have to take it slow and be careful and try not to mess up so much but it's really easy!!' - marquiajohnson

12/01: 'it is right, but being a scene makes u unique, and different to everyone else as u don't follow trends u tend to make ur own one, most scene people like (moi) try to do things from scratch and see how it leads on. You don't just copy a style u have seen, it just makes u a wanna be scene. I would suggest going to the hairddressers personally, u don't have to have a picci to show'em but u could say, like layers and then while she does it tell her ways u want it to be cut and the lenghts, so if this is confusing x but i guess its ok to do it urself as well just could be hard doing the baddk !' - Maddi x

30/12: 'I reallly want scene hair, but I'm just afraid that I will look like a freak with it. I don't trust the salon much with my hair only because my moms a little old-school and normally tells the salonist what to do, behind my back. Plus, my hair is SUPER curly, all over. I straighten my hair sometimes, but I'm worried that if I do it straight everyday, I will "break" it, like one of my friends have done. Does anyone have tips on curly scene hair? For a beginner, plus, no dyes. Not ollt do I like my natural hair color (Dirty-blonde) but I wouldn't be allowed to dye my hair.' - Becca Smith

18/06: 'I have ott hair. Its so curly (frizzy) and stubborn nothing will help it. >:[.... But recently i have found an awesome hair style that looks unique. I tend to have my big curls tied in a side ponytail with a few curls hanging out on the other side and i straighten a side fringe over. It looks cool and is pretty simple and quick and im sure not many ppl hav my hair so it's unique!!!'

25/07: 'If you are cutting your own scene hair, start with wet hair and pull a big circle of hair on the top of your head (the amount that you want to be the really short layers) then twist it and razor it off (not an electric razor). This will give you creative, razory layers.  Then thin out the longer part into razored layers by pulling it tight and running the razor down it in the same motion as backcombing ^_^' JelJel

26/07: 'i cut my own hair all the time. i took half of it and layered that half, then left the rest long and and uncut so all i had to do was backcomb the top layers a bit and it looked scene. however, i then cut a fringe and cut my hair all the way up to my freakin EARS. to add to the look, i dyed it jet black. (i was a natrual blonde) worst mistake of my LIFE. so now i look like edward scissorhands on a good day. Gutted.' - Daina Hailey Renton

26/07: 'omg thanks!!
mwaah! I went to the hairdressers the other day with a pic to get my hair kinda like yours and well she did some random layers and it looks-- well not scene - just normal!! thanks my hair looks a lot better' - Just Faz

11/08: 'Hey!! thank u soooo much !! My hair looked bad after i went to salon so i cut it myself after i read that!!! My mom thinks i look wierd....PERFECT!! thanks again! xxxx' - Pixie

11/08: 'i try cutting my own bangs but can never do it right, how do you cut bangs??' - Jackie Wilds

14/08: 'never cut your hair for self destruction  i was the biggist mistake i ever made wiv my hair (tht includes dyeing it green)' - NeKro_angelus

17/08: 'Am not very much into the scene thing but I love the red hair color... What color exactly does she have' - Vanessa

21/08: 'I really am scared to do my own hair because i'm known to mess things up, so i want my aunt to do it (she styles hair). But i'm afraid that she'll mess it up, cause she wouldn' t dye my hair, and now i'm scared that she'll mess everything else up!' Kati Galloway

24/08: 'Don't do it it ruin's your hair tbh, cutting it i mean!!' - Molly Pipkins

29/08: 'At first I totally didn't trust myself to cut my own hair, but when I never got round to visiting the hairdresser [mum never wanted me to cut my hair xD].. I decided to do them myself. There was no stopping me :) I can't say I read up anything online..I just took the scissors & cut away :S

Actually turned out pretty good, until I decided I wanted to cut my fringe [bangs for americans, i believe] some which point it just kept going downhill.. I've decided I have to work more with styling, less with cutting..

It's quite easy, really, just as long as you don't cut huge chunks in one go.

I used a thinning razor and just cut like you back-comb [as suggested] except that I cut downwards, not upwards..
as for layering the back of my hair, I tied them up in a high ponytail and layered them like that.
Funnily enough it worked ^^ kind of had to rework the bottom of my hair after, but it was much easier after layering first with a high ponytail.. Now the only problem I still have is getting permission to dye my hair xD And the fact that I'm afraid it'll wreck my hair.. shall have to wait and see.. and hope :]' - Delyla Lenae

31/08: 'i like to experiment with my hair styles (even if its not a smart idea) so i just put my hair in a half pony tail, cut of the tip of the pony tail and style the rest my way, and you have razor cut hair with a twist!!' - Kelsey Drew

13/09: 'these things are wrong, just do what ever the fuck you want and call it your own, that's what scene really is!' - Ronnie Radke

14/09: 'when i go to the salon should i say layers in front and back or just where should they be or should i show them a picture and say i want my hair to be able to do this and show her a picture?' - Maxine Ricker

23/09: 'I think this is nt so great to cut your own hair as i dont know how to cut the back of my hair properly, I like the razor affect though.. and i found that s0ometimes it is easier to curl the top layer of you hair then back comb the curls as it it gives more poofyness :] X'ox'o' - Ian Pean

30/09: 'I cut my own hair all the time. I just can't seem to get the cut I want when going to a stylist, so I only go to them for trims. Its not that hard to cut your own hair, and it has always turned out alright for me. (: I hold the scissors upright, and never cut straght accross. It's helpful in making layers that don't look too choppy. Thanks for these tips! <3' - Amanda Hoenigke

27/10: 'i cut my hair all the time too, I only do side bangs and noting more other wise i'd get in major trouble, but i don't really care !!! I like my hair kinda short with bangs, and i don't dye my hair i just put up with my red/orange hair and just cut it and im DONE !!! but really it's not that bad having natural colored hair while still having the scene look and im pround to have my hair color just the way it is, but i do sometimes put in extentions though (: thanks for these tips <3 XD' - Julie Navarro

12/11: 'Okay so I used to cut my hair as soon as school was out EVERY Friday. Needless to say it was addicting. I dye it myself as well. Lol, I haven't cut it in a few months though just trim my top layers. Currently it's black with Fuchsia and Blue underneath my bangs. Honestly girlies, it's not the difficult : ) Give it a shot' - Sarah Arin : )

14/12: 'i also cut my own hair all the time. It's really easy and natural once you get the hang of it. At the moment I have a scene do, it's black with blue highlights. Did the dye myself too. Thanx for all the great tips guys. peace Xx' - sasha

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How To Cut Your Own Scene Hair?

How To Dye Your Hair Yourself?

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Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner?

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How To Apply Eyeliner?

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